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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Benefits Strategic Planning

Benefits Strategic Planning is a Benefits Advisor's Key to Navigating Healthcare Reform


SMART Makes Benefits Strategic Planning easy with a 6-step process

We have created a well-defined, detailed process to guide you through the development of a Benefits Strategic Plan.  To accompany our 6-step process, we created tools that you can immediately deploy with clients.  From sample scripts, suggested fact finding questions, sample agendas, customizable presentation content, and form legal agreements, SMART gives you everything you need to hit the ground running, and raise the bar with your competition.

Increase your revenue per client, maximize client retention, and stop relying on commissions

Benefits Advisors that employ a strategic planning process with their clients consistently sell more products to each client, generate more revenue per client, and maintain their client relationships longer.  SMART makes the strategic planning process easy, and time-efficient.    
And, in today's market many benefits advisors are interested to decrease their reliance on commission compensation.   With benefits strategic planning, advisors are able to migrate from a commission-only business model and incorporate new revenue streams into their practice.   Use SMART to enhance your practice today!



Listen to a webinar on the value of Benefits Strategic Planning


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When it is tougher than ever to compete, make sure you stay on top.
Learn more about what SMART can do:
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What is Benefits Strategic Planning? Read the Benefits Strategic Planning White Paper
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SMART in a Nutshell
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Success Stories
A real-life case history of a successful effort to bring strategic benefits planning to a forward-thinking client
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User Testimonial:
"When my firm was in jeopardy of losing a 1,400 life case we had for over 4 years to a "national firm" I offered benefit strategic planning services to the client.  
We not only retained the account, we introduced two new voluntary benefits.  What was even better was that I was able to meet and cultivate a relationship with the company's Chief Financial Officer for the very first time.   Thank you SMART!"